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Importance Of XP In Simpsons Tapped Out

Complete Beginners Guide For The Simpsons Tapped Out

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The most significant aspect of the Simpsons tapped Out game is the XP and the story which you will need to make sure moves on as you move ahead with the game.

  • You will get paid in XP in almost every stage of the game depending on the strategic actions that you take. Ideally, the XP payments are made for any improvement action or quests. However, you will also be paid in dollars as well but that is restricted to the income actions.
  • At times, you may also be paid in XP in addition to the dollars especially when you collect revenues from your businesses and homes. You may also receive XP as a reward when you accomplish a task or quest.

Therefore, you will need to know the best ways in which you can obtain both, XP and dollars. In order to earn anything in the game, you can take help from online source like This will help you in the game a lot to buy buildings and other necessary items.

The best way to ensure that is to place some buildings and harvest the tax from these.

In short, in this game the concept of XP is much similar to any other game that use XP.

You will need it for the process of leveling up and purchase additional items from the stores in the game that are restricted to specific levels.

Use The Conform-O-Meter

The conform-o-meter provides an additional twist to the game. This meter displays five stars that shows how well you are playing the game and using the characters that are exhibited in the show.

The meter will rank you on the basis of the number of stars earned on a scale of one to five. If you do well, you will be granted the permission to gain permanent money and XP bonuses.

It will also boost your ratings in obedience, consumerism, gluttony, indolence, righteousness, vanity, socialism, and tree-hugging adding more humor to the show.

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